Spec Screenplays

Original Feature & TV Pilot Spec Screenplays:

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Medicine Woman

GENRE: Supernatural Medical Drama – TV Pilot – Live Action

COMP: House M.D. meets Dresden Files

LOGLINE: A medical intern must learn to control her newly activated supernatural powers with the help of her long-lost medicine-man grandfather while competing at a prestigious New York hospital.

* Quarterfinalist – Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards

Night Coach from Sonora

GENRE: Western / Adventure – Feature Film & TV Pilot – Live Action

COMP: Mulan meets Stagecoach West

LOGLINE: Inspired by true events. A farm girl dresses as a man and journeys to the Wild West in search of her last living relative, discovering her own inner strength and finding justice for her family along the way.

* Semifinalist – Scriptapalooza

* Quarterfinalist – Screencraft Action Adventure Contest

* Semifinalist – Stage 32 Television Writing Contest

* Quarterfinalist – WeScreenplay Feature Competition

* Official Selection – 2019 Script Summit Competition

* Awarded a staged table read by Coverfly Live Reads Oct 2019

* Selected for Coverfly Pitch Week 2019

* Included in Coverfly’s Red List for top western features Nov/Dec 2019 &Jan 2020

Sherlock Holmes, Vampire Detective

GENRE: Supernatural / Horror / Detective- TV Pilot – Live Action

COMP: Forever meets Forever Knight

LOGLINE: After an attack in 1919, Sherlock Holmes re-awakens in present-day Los Angeles as a vampire and teams up with private detective Jess Adler, descendant of female rival Irene Adler who bested Holmes intellectually, to catch Dracula and continue solving paranormal mysteries.

* Official Selection – Die Laughing Film Festival 2020

* Quarterfinalist – Screencraft Pilot Launch Script Competition 2019

* Included in Coverfly’s Red List for top horror TV pilots in Nov/Dec 2019

Cat of Versailles

GENRE: Half-Hour TV show – Kids / Family / Animation or Live-Action Hybrid

COMP: Wishbone meets Justin Time with a hint of Little Bear

LOGLINE: An immortal cat narrates stories of his whimsical adventures throughout France’s history to an American girl living abroad.

* 2nd Rounder – Sundance Episodic Lab

* Quarterfinalist – Screencraft Animation Competition


GENRE: Half-Hour Teen Dramedy TV pilot – Live Action

COMP: Mean Girls meets Lizzie McGuire with a hint of Malcom in the Middle

LOGLINE: After a whole life of home-schooling, gifted teen Nara Brophie goes to high school and runs headlong into her first crush, her first rival, her first BFF, and her first public humiliation.

* Finalist – 2018 Moving Parts Film Festival

Odd Job Penny

GENRE: Half-Hour Comedy TV pilot – Live Action

COMP: Laverne and Shirley meets Check It Out

LOGLINE: When thirty-something Penelope realizes she’s been in a dead-end job since high school, she makes a plan to finally figure out what her dream career is by trying out one new kind of job at a time. Based on the short film Standing Up.

The Big Rubout

GENRE: Hour-Long Horror-Comedy Shor orAnthology TV pilot – Live Action

COMP: Scream meets Grumpy Old Men

LOGLINE: When a Hollywood producer’s old filmmaking colleagues start dying mysteriously, he and his friend, famous horror director Les Maven, race to prevent their own murders by an unknown foe who is somehow linked to their beginnings as adult filmmakers in the 1970s .

* Best of the Festival award – 2019 Die Laughing Film Festival

* Finalist – 2020 Women in Horror Film Festival

Family of God

GENRE: Half-Hour Comedy TV Pilot – Live Action

COMP: Father Ted meets Gilligan’s Island

LOGLINE: When a pair of monks and a pair of nuns simultaneously discover an abandoned castle, they begin a man vs woman of God struggle to assume ownership for the rest of their group (monastery versus nunnery). They fight, they debate, they try dividing and sharing, but they can’t get along. Who will win?

Complete Short Film Screenplays:
Sherlock Holmes Meets Dracula in the 21st Century

Mystery / Crime / Supernatural / Action / Comedy / Live Action

In 1915, the last story about Sherlock Holmes was published. No one knew what happened to him after that… until now. When Sherlock Holmes follows the trail of Jack the Ripper to America and disappears only to awake in modern times, he discovers that Jack is really Count Dracula and enlists the granddaughter of an old nemesis to catch the killer.

* Quarterfinalist – 2019 HollyShorts Film Festival

* Official Selection – 2018 Drunken Film Festival

The Last Christmas Tree

Drama / Holiday / Family / Live Action

A Christmas tree salesman returns to the same small town he has visited every year for the last 30 years to sell Christmas trees. He lost his family then, and experiences the joy of Christmas through the eyes of others when they come to buy his trees. On Christmas Eve, he has only one tree left. He takes it to his room at the inn, all alone. As he sits sipping warm cider and gazes into an old photo of his family, a knock at the door brings an unexpected opportunity to feel the warmth of a family Christmas again.

A Little Red Riding Hood Story

Comedy / Fantasy / Live Action

A comedic pastiche based on the classic fairytale in which Red’s origin story is revealed and brought to a conclusion when she finds her long lost father.

Cookie Queen of the County Fair

Drama / Family / Live Action

A little girl helps her grandmother rediscover her happiness through baking with her family.

The Unicorn and the Space Alien

Comedy / Fantasy / Live Action

When a space alien visits Medieval Earth in search of a unicorn, he gets more than he bargained for in the form of a puckish unicorn and her dragon friend.